Some time ago I registered this blog site with the intentions of running a successful platform. The goal was to post three times a week, have photo shoots every weekend, and find the time in my already hectic schedule to make crafted handmade items during the week. What I did not foresee was all of the hard work and dedication it takes. I soon realized blogging is seriously hard!

Needless to say, I started with a bang and it was short-lived, I fizzled. My personal lack of understanding and planning left me with a head full of ideas and no time to create quality work. I found myself posting random recipes, coming up with easy mediocre ideas, and the quality of my photos went downhill. Everything was completely out of control. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and months turned into quarters without me contributing any posts or crafts.

About four months ago I miraculously started to come into contact with some women that were like-minded and specialized in areas that I needed help. I am a full-time stylist, and the one thing that I know for a fact is that teamwork makes the dream work. With the support of some amazing people (which by the way I am ecstatic to introduce them), we took all of the old posts and pictures down, and I decided to start anew.

Drumroll please… operation “New to the Blog, Not the Lifestyle” is in full effect. First up “The More than a Wifey Brunch” on Saturday, August 13th. The host is a personal favorite of mine Mrs. Allison Mathis-Jones, check out her blog here. We are one of the sponsors and will be giving away some goodies to all the lovely ladybugs in attendance. This week you can expect to see how we prepare the giveaways and meet some of the new team members and contributors.


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  1. The journey is real…the road may have some bumps along the way, however your vision has always been beautiful ,Sanae.

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