As a glam professional, I feel it necessary for women to know the different types of lash styles along with the pros and cons of each one so you can make the best decision.

  1. THE STRIP: Strip lashes come placed on a thin strip, and already attached set to go, they come in a pack of two, and are usually sold in a small compact case. Lite adhesive is used to keep them intact while in the packaging. Your lash technician or makeup artist should always have these on hand because these are super quick and easy to apply. The pros are these are ideal for individuals who have never tried lashes and new to the lash life. They allow you the flexibility to try different looks, and you have every option available to you from uber natural to super extreme. The cons are they only last for a day, so if you like your look, you would have to re-apply the following day. Application time: 5-10 minutes.  PRO TIP: Under no circumstances should lashes be applied with hair adhesive! Who does that? Not a professional, and not someone who cares about the health of lashes. It is called hair glue for a reason-it is meant for hair.  
  2. INDIVIDUAL LASHES: Often referred to as the cluster lashes. These particular lashes come in tiny little bundles and usually, have a small dot holding them together. The bundle should be strategically placed on top of your natural lashes in the most flattering pattern discussed in your consultation. Application time: 30-40 minutes. PRO TIP: All lash extensions are meant to be placed on top of your lashes and not under. This prevents lash balding and eye infections. The pros of these are, these last longer, about 2-4 days if taken care of properly. The cons are that prolonged use of this method can cause your natural lashes to thin. If you are looking for something that lasts longer, then you should consider the next method.
  3. SEMI PERMANENT LASH EXTENSIONS: The mother of all lashes also known as extreme lash extensions, mink eyelash extensions, and “the permanent ones.” First, let’s get clear. These are not permanent. They are semi-permanent which means they do come off. However, they only come off when your natural eyelashes shed. (which by the way is natural) The process goes like this, a licensed certified professional places a single extension on each of your natural lashes with waterproof adhesive, about 100 lashes on each eye. The application time for a new full set is about 2 hours. A fill-in takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Fills happen every two weeks to replace the ones that have naturally come out. These are my personal favorite because they are so natural, and I can’t feel them. I am a rough sleeper and an avid eye rubber. These can take some abuse. However, they do not mix well with oil. Look at the extreme lashes below. PRO TIP: You want to make sure that you are using oil-free cleansers and eye makeup removers around your eye area when wearing these extensions. Please make sure that your technician is certified. This is a skill that needs to be performed by a professional. Do not be afraid to ask the person applying your extension where they were trained. If they are professional, they will be able to back it up!  The pros for these are that they last longer, you can get them wet, and you wake up looking glamorous. Personally, I do not think there are any cons, yes they cost a bit more, but they are worth it, and so are you! Comment below and let me know what your lash style is.




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